Sunday, 5 April 2009

Rough Itinerary

If God's willing, I'll...

Mon April 6 - Leave for KL at 12 pm, have dinner with two Malaysian sisters, Siew Leng and Shan Shan, and spend the night at their house.

Tue April 7 - Leave for Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), India, at 7.40 am with Air Asia. Arrive in Trichy at 9 pm. ( I think there's a 3-4 hours time difference between KL and Trichy.)

- Somehow get to Trichy Train Station(TPJ) and catch the 2 pm Guv Chennai Express to Chennai Egmore Station (MS). Arrive in Chennai around 9 pm. My dear friend Ms. Mercy will pick me up. I'll spend the night at her house.

Wed April 8 - Somehow I'll find a way to the HOPE orphangage where I'll spend 5 days or so volunteering at the orphanage, school, and wherever else. During volunteer days, I'll stay with a Christian family. The room and board will cost Rs 1500 or about 30 USD.

Sun April 12 - Go to church and fellowship as much as possible.

Wed April 15 - Catch a late night train back from Chennai to Trichy.

Thur April 16 - Catch an early morning flight at 9.25 am from Trichy back to KL, arrive at 3.40 pm and spend one night there again.

Fri April 17 - Catch a 10.40 am flight to Bangkok. Arriving at 11.40 am. Then sleep for the rest of the day.

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