Sunday, 5 April 2009

Getting Cold Feet

It's the day before my leaving for India, and I'm getting cold feet. A dear friend of mine almost talked me out of going , and we sorta started planning to do other fun things in Thailand instead. I'm also having second thoughts because I kinda got into a mild conflict with my parents over some cultural issues, with them being so Thai versus my American mentality. I'm still adjusting to this culture, and I'm not so sure I'm doing a good job at it. So things aren't completely resolved and from the looks of it, I'm guessing it'd take awhile for both my folks and I to accept each other. So the question is: Should I cancel my trip to India because I haven't been able to completely resolve the issue with my parents? I hate to leave on a bad note. I'm contemplating saying sorry again over the phone tomorrow morning, but they're having a hard time accepting it cos I still disagree with their reasoning on the issue. Huh! Maybe I need to read a book on how to get along with parents or pray to God for the wisdom and humility that I don't have.

At any rate, another friend convinced me to go anyway since it'll only be 12 days, and all the preparations have been made months ago. The worst fear is if something were to happen to my family while I'm gone. But that has always been my fear anyway, and isn't that all the more reason for me to trust in God's providence since afterall I'm not in control of anyone's life? And it may be good to let things cool down a bit so that I, too, may come to my senses. "Everybody needs a little time away," as the song goes.

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